The Council of Community Living Ontario consists of 12 self-advocates from across the province that work together with Community Living Ontario’s Board of Directors to find solutions and share information, opinions, knowledge, and experience on important issues such as poverty, safe and affordable housing, human rights, and barriers to quality health care. If you are looking to learn more about Community Living Ontario’s Council, reach out directly to Keith Dee, Council Advisor and/or Nicole Flynn, Council President below.


2023/2024 Council

Nicole Flynn — President

Nicole is the President of Council and is from the rural area of Madoc, Ontario. She has been on Council since 2018. She is a graduate of the Loyalist College General Arts and Science diploma program (not modified). Nicole considers herself a lifelong learner and has the goal of obtaining a university degree. Her focus is on human rights, diversity, and inclusive communities. Nicole believes in freedom, power, and prosperity for everyone and to do this she realizes the significance and need for equity. Nicole feels that for everyone to be included in society, conversation has to occur. She emphasizes the importance of recruiting self-advocates to increase our voice to be heard and to be seen as a person. Nicole’s dream is to explore the world to gain knowledge and experience.

Judy Noonan — Vice President

Judy is from Guelph, Ontario and this is her second year on Council. She has been a member of P4P (People4People), the self-advocate group from Community Living Guelph Wellington, for 10 years. Judy has spoken to elementary schools about disability awareness and has worked in a kindergarten classroom. She spoke for Action Read – Community Literacy Centre about having disabilities in the school system. She has also spoken in her community and is passionate about advocating against poverty. She is also a member of Respecting Rights with ARCH Disability Law Centre and is very excited for her new role on Council.

Robert Smith — Secretary

Robert is from Port Hope, Ontario and this is his first year on Council. He is passionate about advocating for people with disabilities and he believes you can do anything you put your mind to! What he enjoys about advocacy is being able to speak his mind and ensure the voices of people who have a disability are heard.

Niko Pupella – Treasurer

Niko is the Council Vice President and is from Uxbridge, Ontario. He is beginning his 5th year on Council. He is also a member of the Community Living Durham North self-advocate group, The A-Team. He is part of the Rights Review Board Committee at CLDN as he feels strongly about fighting for the rights of people who have a disability. Niko is also a member of the CLO Finance Committee. Niko is very savvy with computers and technology and enjoys learning as it continuously evolves. He hopes to continue working with the Council to ensure the voices of people who have a disability are heard regarding issues with ODSP, fair rent, work wages, and the many issues related to poverty.

Farrah Sattaur

Farrah Sattaur is from Toronto, Ontario and is currently employed as the Self Advocate Advisor with Community Living Toronto. Farrah began this role in January 2022. As a person living with a disability, Farrah’s passion to help others with disabilities comes from her own lived experience. Farrah has over ten years of experience as an advocate, volunteering with many non-profit organizations such as Holland Bloor view, CAMH and Surrey Place Centre. In her role as an Influencer, advocate and member of the CLO council Farrah hopes to share her personal experience and expertise to better the lives of people with disabilities.

Stella Curtis

Stella is from North Bay, Ontario and has been involved with Council for 10 years. She is proud to be a self advocate and enjoys that it allows her to opportunity to meet people and hear their voices about what they want and need to live their best quality of life.

Dzidra Halar

Dzidra is a strong advocate who strives to advocate for everyone’s rights. She is the Co-Chair of Christian Horizons self-advocacy council, Our Voices Matter Council and sits as the self-advocate representative on Christian Horizons Board of Directors. Dzidra is currently co-leading a research project on empowering ways for service users labeled with developmental disabilities to participate in developmental services organizations.

Jem Moeller

Jem is from Kenora, Ontario and is new to Council. Jem is an indigenous person who lives with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Jem has been a member of People First Kenora for a few years. Jem joined Council so she could help others overcome challenges educate people about FAS. She works at a local long term care facility in their hydration program. Jem is an athlete with Special Olympics where she bowls and swims.

Amber Taylor

My name is Amber Taylor. I am from Community Living Durham North. I am interested in joining the Council of Community living Ontario because I am a team player and I stand up for other people. I am a strong advocate for others.

Hudson Yarrow

My name is Hudson Yarrow, I am 23 years old and a very proud member of the Prince Edward County community. I am a big sports fan and love socializing with friends. I like to attend local hockey games, music in the park and volunteering in Picton. I enjoy hosting a Virtual Hockey Group to bring people together. My friends, family, and future goals such as an apartment of my own and going to college are very important to me.

I am an active member of SAVE Council, The County Advocates Committee and sat on the Provincial Community of Practice. Throughout my time on the County Advocates Committee, I have taken a leadership role in Anti-bullying campaign which partnered with our local school to support Pink Shirt Day. I enjoy contributing to different working groups with CLPE like People Minded Business to advocate for people with disabilities and improve services for all. One of my great accomplishments for people with disabilities and improve services for all. One of my greatest accomplishments was a prototype I made in partnership with PMB for a HPEC Virtual Opportunity Hub. I was honoured to be included in a People Minded Business video that was shown at the 2021 CLO Conference. I have also had the opportunity to sit on the Accessibility Advisory Committee for Prince Edward County.

I am happy to become a member of the Council of Community Living Ontario to take my passion of advocating for others and public speaking to the next level. I feel I would be able to share my voice and knowledge with more people to make a bigger difference for everyone. I enjoy hearing what others have to say and taking action. I would love to meet new people who have similar interests as mine and create long lasting friendships.

Julianne Allen

Julianne Allen. I live in Belleville, and I am married. I was on the Council for four years from 2006-2010 and I enjoyed it. I have a passion to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. I am on the Board of Director of my Association, Community Visions & Networking Quinte.

Sean Travis

Sean is from Brampton, Ontario. He is an ardent self-advocate in his community. He was diagnosed with an intellectual disability at a young age but has worked hard in his life and has been living independently for twenty plus years now. Throughout that time, he has also made sure to speak out and stand up not just for himself but for other marginalized groups that he is passionate about as well.

Sean is a two-time graduate of the crime prevention program run by Peel Regional police and Brampton Caledon Community Living, and has helped to run the program with the officers involved in years past, locally and in Ottawa and Kingston. He is articulate in ASL, has been a founding member of the self-advocates group at BCCL, as well as a member, former secretary, and two-time president of their Board of Directors for many years.

James Taylor — Council-Appointed Board Member

My name is James Taylor I work at Community Living London as a receptionist. I am part of NVA (New Vision Advocates) as the secretary.

I like going for walks. I play Bowling and Golf and powerlifting with Special Olympics. I like going to the movies and spending time with my wife, friends and family; Niece: Morgan and Nephew: Casey.