Dzidra is a compassionate and diligent individual dedicated to advocating for others, particularly within various sectors. She plays a crucial role at Karis Disability Services as their Advocate board representative and serves as the co-chair for the Our Voices Matter Advisory Council. This group focuses on advocacy across different districts within Karis Disability Services.

A founding member of the original Our Voices Matter group in Toronto, Dzidra takes pride in her involvement with Community Living Ontario's Council. She is an eloquent writer, fervently advocating for people's rights, and is not afraid to speak up for inclusion and equality.

Dzidra recently graduated from the PSW program at Medix College in Toronto and is eager to support not only seniors but individuals with and without disabilities. In her free time, Dzidra enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with her dog Bella, and participating in additional advocacy groups whenever possible.