Board of Directors

Community Living Ontario is led by a skilled and dedicated Board of Directors from across the province that work to ensure people who have an intellectual disability, and their families can advance inclusion in their lives and in the community.

2023/2024 Board of Directors

Jennie Chanda — President

Jennie has a background that includes nursing, teaching, and entrepreneurship. Her career started working obstetrical nurse and then as an Evening & Night Supervisor at Norfolk General Hospital, in Simcoe.

Michael Jacques — Past President

Michael is a young adult and lives and works in the Niagara region. He has an intellectually disability and is a board member of Community Living Welland Pelham and Community Living Ontario. He was also the Co-Chair of the A Million Possibilities: Solo Ocean Row 2017 campaign for Community Living Ontario.

Keira Lum — Vice President

As a healthcare business professional, Keira is focused on improving operations and quality initiatives within the healthcare industry. Her experience working at large and small healthcare centres across Toronto, as well as a private out-of-hospital practice has allowed her to foster skills in governance, human resources, accounting, marketing and project management while serving the needs of patients and patient safety.

Tim Berry — Treasurer

Tim Berry has been Treasurer for six not-for-profit, charitable organizations over the past 15 years. He is an experienced Treasurer and CFO with extensive oversight experience in finance and IT functions. He has introduced committees, risk registers, and improved financial policies for multiple organizations. Tim actively contributes to governance, strategic planning, and legal matters as a board member.

Chris Beesley — Secretary

Chris Beesley began his role as Chief Executive Officer and Board Secretary of Community Living Ontario in June of 2013. His commitment to the Community Living movement began in 1994 with the birth of his son, Mitchell, who was born with an intellectual disability.

Yvonne Spicer  — Director-at-Large

Yvonne Spicer, a 44-year-old adult on the Autism Spectrum  is a dedicated leader promoting partnerships and improving the lives of people with disabilities. With extensive community involvement, board memberships, and advocacy experience, Yvonne actively listens and encourages self-advocacy. She mentors others and works towards inclusive communities and access to necessary supports. Yvonne's expertise extends to the developmental services sector, emphasizing rights and social role valorization.


MaryBeth Barrett — Director-at-Large

Since 2017, Marybeth has served as a Director on the Community Living Thunder Bay board where she has also sat on the Nominations, Finance and Strategic Planning Committees. She is currently participating in a formal strategic planning process addressing CLTB’s Housing Strategy.


Nicole Canzoneri — Director at Large

Nicole Canzoneri, a dedicated disability studies student, demonstrates leadership, academic excellence, and advocacy for inclusion. With extensive involvement in Community Living Ontario and Autism Service's Inc, she coordinates activities and supports youth with disabilities. Nicole's impact extends from running a Best Buddies chapter in high school to hosting educational projects on institutionalization.


Jennifer Parker — Director-at-Large

Jennifer Parker is a dedicated and compassionate individual with wealth of life experiences that qualify her to serve on the Board of Directors for Community Living Ontario. Over the past eight years, she has demonstrated commitment as a volunteer on the Board of Directors of member agency Community Visions & Networking (Quinte), providing governance and contributing to strategic planning to help the organization’s success. As a parent of a child with disabilities, she brings an understanding of the challenges faced by families, which made her an advocate and voice for inclusivity and support.

Mark Anderson  — Director-at-Large

Mark Anderson, an advocate for people with disabilities, is an experienced speaker and presenter. He has held leadership positions in Community Living Ontario and actively participates in committees. Mark's dedication to advocacy is evident through his successful efforts in securing subsidized bus passes. He also has years of customer service experience.


Edward Lau — Director-at-Large

Edward is the co-founder of the ME & Lau Family Foundation and DD Community Connector, organizations that fund programs to support Chinese Canadians with intellectual disabilities. He is a retired board member at Community Living Toronto and Community Living York South. Edward is currently a board member at the APTUS Treatment Centre and the Vice Chair of the City of Markham's Advisory Committee on Accessibility.

Laura Williams — Director-at-Large

Laura is a Clinician and healthcare leader with over 20 years experience in the field of patient, client and family engagement and caregiver/family support services. She is currently the Senior Director of Patient Experience and Engagement for the University Heath Network. Past work experiences include Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Health Quality Ontario.

Marcel St-Jean — Director-at-Large

Marcel was born and raised in Northern Ontario and lives in Ottawa. He retired from the Ontario Public service in 2011 and has continued to be active as an acting Executive Director, Social Worker and Volunteer/Advocate.

Raymond Leveille — Director-at-Large

Cathy Turner — PEDG-Appointed Director-at-Large

Cathy Turner is an Executive Director at a Community Living agency in the Niagara Region. Cathy has worked in leadership positions in healthcare and non-profit agencies for over 22 years and has enjoyed sitting on several other not-for-profit boards over the past 6 years. Cathy is an experienced strategic planner, operational, people and change manager, and holds certifications as a Healthcare Executive and as an Executive coach. 

James Taylor — Council-Appointed Director-at-Large

My name is James Taylor I work at Community Living London as a receptionist. I am part of NVA (New Vision Advocates) as the secretary.

I like going for walks. I play Bowling and Golf and powerlifting with Special Olympics. I like going to the movies and spending time with my wife, friends and family; Niece: Morgan and Nephew: Casey.

Donna Marcaccio — Family Engagement Steering Committee–Appointed Director-at-Large

For most of her life, Donna has been involved both  personally and professionally in the Community Living Movement. Donna’s interest and passion for this work came from her relationship with her sister Marcia who lived with Down Syndrome. Donna has served on numerous Boards and committees, assisted with the presenting of Values Based training both for families and organizations and participated in various family centre groups. She has recently retired as the Executive Director of Rygiel Supports For Community Living in Hamilton.