Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker is a dedicated and compassionate individual with wealth of life experiences that qualify her to serve on the Board of Directors for Community Living Ontario. Over the past eight years, she has demonstrated commitment as a volunteer on the Board of Directors of member agency Community Visions & Networking (Quinte), providing governance and contributing to strategic planning to help the organization’s success. As a parent of a child with disabilities, she brings an understanding of the challenges faced by families, which made her an advocate and voice for inclusivity and support.

Jennifer possesses exceptional advocacy skills, which have been honed through her experience as a parent, as a volunteer with CVNQuinte, and as a member-at-large on her local school board’s Special Education Advisory Committee.

Having served on a Board of Directors for the past eight years, Jennifer has gained comprehensive knowledge of governance practices, strategic planning, and decision-making. Her experience in overseeing the governance of an organization and collaborating with fellow board members enables her to make well-informed and impactful contributions. Jennifer excels in fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

She is an adept communicator, able to bridge gaps and build consensus among different perspectives leading to constructive dialogue and effective problem solving.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping, curling, and watching her son participate in Challenger Baseball and Adaptive Snowsports programs. With a deep commitment to the mission of the organization, Jennifer brings a strategic and forward-thinking approach to a Board of Directors.

Her vision for building a future where everyone belongs is valued and has the freedom to choose their life and make their own decisions aligns seamlessly with Community Living Ontario’s goals.