Keira Lum

As a healthcare business professional, Keira is focused on improving operations and quality initiatives within the healthcare industry. Her experience working at large and small healthcare centers across Toronto, as well as a private out-of-hospital practice has allowed her to foster skills in governance, human resources, accounting, marketing and project management while serving the needs of patients and patient safety.

Keira has over 10 years’ experience working with and supporting mentally and physically disabled individuals in her community, beginning with support programming for her mentally and physically disabled neighbour. This experience has shaped her perspective on advocating and supporting others while grounding her values in empathy, compassion, understanding and inclusion. As such she is driven to make a difference for those who are less fortunate, advocating for inclusivity, dignity and respect regardless of ability, ethnicity or race. She is a team player who enjoys collaborating with a diverse group of individuals to support positive and inclusive change in communities and organizations.