Donna Marcaccio

For most of her life, Donna has been involved both  personally and professionally in the Community Living Movement. Donna’s interest and passion for this work came from her relationship with her sister Marcia who lived with Down Syndrome. Donna has served on numerous Boards and committees, assisted with the presenting of Values Based training both for families and organizations and participated in various family centre groups. She has recently retired as the Executive Director of Rygiel Supports For Community Living in Hamilton.

Throughout, Donna has sat on various committees of Community Living Ontario and was on secondment with the organization many years ago assisting with the closures of children’s nursing homes. For the past fifteen years, Donna has been a founding member of the CLO Family Engagement Steering Committee whose vision and commitment drives its work of bringing families together and supporting them in developing of vision of a full life in community for their family member who lives with a disability. Donna serves on the Board as the appointed representative of the Family Engagement Committee.