Institutionalization and Long-term Care with Megan Linton

Show Notes


In Episode 3, Niko speaks to Megan Linton. Megan is a PhD student, writer, and researcher. Her research uses critical disability and carceral studies to challenge disability institutionalization. Megan is also the creator and host of the Invisible Institutions podcast. 

In our conversation with Megan, we address issues with long-term care, the importance of community, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people in institutions, and more. 


Production: Nicholas Wong

Hosting: Niko Pupella

Audio Editing and Music: Helena Krobath

Guest: Megan Linton


Invisible Institutions Podcast

Invisible Institutions is a documentary podcast created and hosted by Megan Linton that explores the past and present of institutions for people labelled with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Canada.  

Truths of Institutionalization: Past and Present

This online learning experience supports people of all ages to explore the truths of institutionalization. This project relies on historical evidence, survivor and family insights, as well as critical thinking to capture the attention of all learners. The goal is to raise awareness about the experience of institutionalization and the historical consequences of segregation that continue to affect people who have an intellectual disability in Canada today. 

Council Webinar: Aging in Place and Ensuring People Stay Out of Institutions

A recording of a webinar hosted by the Council of Community Living Ontario in collaboration with People for People from Community Living Guelph Wellington. The presenters stress the possibility of aging in one’s own home and of having options other than long-term care for people who have an intellectual disability. 


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