A mother of two children and a dedicated wife, Stinder has over 25 years of experience advocating on behalf of her son Shamil who was born with physical and intellectual disabilities. Her career as an advocate began in earnest when her son Shamil was four years old. In 1995, Shamil attended the Children’s Developmental Assessment Services in St.Catharines, they lobbied to build and equip a sensory Snoezelen room. Since then, Stinder has been actively involved in advocacy,

She has been passionately involved with Community Living York South for over 9 years through their outreach team. She has served on the board of directors, committees and task forces for the past nine years and has been involved in family networks, retreats and various workshops.

In addition to all of her contributions within the agency, she has created two social groups: York Abilities and Parent Education Advocacy Group. Her interest in Independent Facilitation and Microboards has lead her in the direction of joining other families in submitting a proposal to the provincial Housing Task Force and becoming a successful recipient of the innovative initiative.

Stinder brings her years of experience in advocacy, her knowledge of the issues in the Developmental Service Sector and her commitment to continue the community living movement to ensure every individual has the opportunity to participate in an inclusive community with the support they need. Her passion is helping families receive the support they need as life long caregivers.