Doug was previously on the Community Living Ontario Board of Directors, including serving one year as Vice President and served on several committees including the Communication Strategies Committee and was Chair of the Conference Committee which included being the MC for the conference.  He stepped away from the provincial board to concentrate on his local agency which was going through some difficult times.  Through strong leadership on the board and a new CEO, they managed to weather the storm and are stronger today than ever before.  This made Doug decide to return to the provincial board of directors with the blessing of the membership.

For 48 years, he has been in the broadcasting business from local cable television stations to radio.  He recently retired after 34 years at Country 107 3/Easy 101 radio,  32 of those years as a Program/Operations Manager.  In those 48 years, he has written commercial copy, promotional material and news copy.  He produced and wrote a three-hour show called Sunday Morning Memories, the highest-rated Quarter Hours in the London market.

As the General Manager of the North Middlesex Stars, one of his duties is to look after their website promoting events the hockey club may be having as well as promoting their hockey program.  Doug has been part of fundraising efforts with various hockey teams to keep their programs running.  These fundraising efforts also include raising money for Special Olympics in Tillsonburg.  He recently helped organize the OPP Torch Run for Special Olympics, which was very successful.

For the past few years, he has also been an advisor with People First of Ontario and People First of Tillsonburg.