Inclusive Education Plan Guides

Community Living Toronto: Parents Inclusive Education Handbook – Community Living Toronto’s handbook on inclusive education includes information on registering for school, meeting the principal/vice-principal, IPRC and IEP, secondary school, Ontario Student Record (OSR), and community resources.

IEP Checklist – This checklist was created by the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Centre and it is a useful tool for both families and teachers as they prepare for an upcoming IEP. The checklist covers who should attend the IEP, what issues should be discussed at the IEP, available aids and adaptions, instruction, transition planning, requirements for changes and review.


The IPRC process – An excellent Ontario-based website which provides parents with advocacy information with regards to their child’s education. The website is about education issues generally, but covers a range of inclusive education issues including IPRCs.

Ontario IPRC Regulations: Highlights – A Ministry of Education webpage describing the highlights of the provincial regulations governing IPRCs. This information is useful for families in advocating for their child as it highlights the schools’ legal responsibilities.

Resolving IPRC Issues (Ministry of Education) – A Ministry of Education webpage describing how to resolve issues involving IPRCs, including a description of the appeals process.