Yvonne Spicer is a 44-year-old adult on the Autism-Spectrum who resides in London, Ontario and is a professional-oriented individual with an approach that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of partnerships at all levels. She is a strong and enthusiastic leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of all people with disabilities. Yvonne’s contribution to the community is based on among other things, respect, reflection, active listening, flexibility, and the ability to see the world. She has been involved as a board member or volunteer with community organizations such as The Council of Community Living Ontario, ODSP Coalition, New Vision Advocates, Respecting Rights, Community Living Ontario as a Board member and People First of Ontario as a Director at Large.

Yvonne has community involvement including boards and committee memberships for local and provincial non-profit organizations with responsibilities that include networking, event organization, fundraising, and community development. Yvonne has the expertise and background of the social movement to act in the best interest of the organization. Yvonne’s primary focus is on the developmental services sector in which she encourages people to speak up for their rights and has worked for many years with countless individuals together actively listening to improve the lives of all people with disabilities. Yvonne has board governance and advocacy experience and understands social role valorization.

Aside from being a person with lived experience with autism, she appreciates the challenges we all continue to face now and into the future with the considerable exposure and insight into the work being done with Inclusion Canada and the need for continued effort and advocacy to not only provide a more inclusive community but to provide an environment where people have access to supports that they may need to live the life they choose.

Yvonne continues to become a mentor to people who are facing similar issues. She is an active member on the Deinstitutionalization committee with a partnership with People First of Canada where she continues to advocate for changes in the public policy.