Brittany is an advocate for inclusion and diversity and member of Community Living Ontario with over 10 years of experience actively supporting and representing Community Living Ontario at various youth initiatives and partnership events/programs including Toronto Summer Institute, Family weekend events, Together We’re Better Contest, Commence conferences, Reaction4inclusion roadshows and many more.

A part of the very 1st Youth Advisory Council for Reaction4Inclusion initiative, she has continued supporting each conference over the last 10 years through research, planning, hosting events, educating, conference facilitation, organization and presently supporting as an Alumni member.

She has experience advocating for people with disabilities through art using spoken word and rap as a tool for advocacy. Her experience includes involvement with inclusive education student activities through the Marsha Forest Centre and volunteering as a Tracker at Laser Eagles, where she demonstrated compassion, good listening and energy through assisting people with physical disabilities to express their artistic visions.

Brittany also has 2 years of experience working in the public sector as a Project Coordinator and Project Manager at Health Quality Ontario and Trillium Gift of Life, managing major health projects that serve the people of Ontario.