The Together We're Better contest encourages schools across Ontario to showcase their understanding of inclusive education in creative ways. Studies show that students who learn together in school also learn to live well together as adults and are better able to create and participate in communities where everyone belongs. 

This year we were thrilled to receive a so many wonderful submissions from schools and students across Ontario. To select the winning entries, CLO formed a committee of stakeholders which included: self-advocates, youth, educators, and working professionals, each of whom come from different backgrounds and have a variety of experience. When evaluating the submissions, the committee looked for entries that illustrated students coming together and showcased a real understanding of authentic inclusion. The winning entries demonstrated inclusive classroom settings, togetherness, and creativity. 

Together We're Better Contest Winners 2024

This year's first place winner is Glenn Peralta from Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School. In second place, we have Duncan J. Schoular Public School, and in third place, we have Holy Name High School. We want to thank all of the students, staff, and parents who helped make this contest a success by showcasing how their classrooms are truly better when everyone learns together. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants for championing inclusivity in education.

1st Place:

The winner of the 2024 "Together We're Better Contest" is Glenn Peralta from Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School in LaSalle, Ontario. Glenn had an amazing school year with his teacher and classmates! Watch Glenn's video to see some of his most memorable moments.

2nd Place:

Amy Lockett is an elementary school teacher from Duncan J. Schoular Public School in Smith Falls, Ontario. She and her students created this video to showcase how their class is fostering inclusion everyday!

3rd Place:

Holly Ralston, Laura MacArthur, and Stacey Ditchfield are teachers at Holy Name High School in Windsor, Ontario. They began a weekly collaboration between their two classes where the students engaged in various arts and crafts activities throughout the semester. This initiative not only enriched the students' academic experiences, but also led to lasting bonds and friendships.