The Together We're Better contest encourages schools across Ontario to showcase their understanding of inclusive education in creative ways. Studies show that students who learn together in school also learn to live well together as adults and are better able to create and participate in communities where everyone belongs. 
This year we were thrilled to receive a total of 40 submissions from schools and students across Ontario. To select the winning entries, CLO formed a committee of stakeholders which included: self-advocates, youth, educators, and working professionals, each of whom come from different backgrounds and have a variety of experience. When evaluating the submissions, the committee looked for entries that illustrated students coming together and showcased a real understanding of inclusion and how their classroom reflects such an understanding. The winning entries demonstrated inclusive classroom settings, togetherness, and creativity.   

Together We're Better Contest Winners

In first place this year we have Jarren, Timothy, Antonio from St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary, second place Marianna Sciucco from Blessed Michael J. McGivney Catholic School and third place Tae Eun Ha from St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary. We thank all the schools that participated in this contest! If your entry was not successful, we encourage you to review the winning entries and try again next year. All entries play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning of students and continuing the conversation of inclusive education. 

1st Place:

2023's Together We're Better winner Jarren, Timothy, Antonio from St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary School! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful entries, you all captured that together we are better! Check out the song they made below!

2nd Place:


Marianna Sciucco a teacher from Blessed Michael J. McGivney Catholic School in Brampton, Ontario was awarded second place. Students of Ms. Sciucco in grades 1 to 4 submitted a number stories on the theme of inclusion in their classroom and community.

3rd Place:


Tae Eun Ha a grade 8 student from St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary worked alongside her classmates to put together an amazing painting depicting a thought-provoking piece on inclusive education in her classroom and community. Congratulations on 3rd place!