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By being a part of the Council of Community Living Ontario, you can do a lot of good. You make sure the confederation’s Board of Directors knows the needs and wishes of people who have an intellectual disability. You also provide information about the rights of people to families, service providers and other people who have an intellectual disability.

Our Council:

James Taylor (Chair)Yvonne Spicer (Past Chair)Brandon BainBrad CampbellStella CurtisCraig HarrisonPeter MaresseAshley StekelNikki JonesBrant MawdsleyMark AndersonJackie Watts and Angele Jodouin.

To be on the Council, you must be a person with an intellectual disability who is at least 18 years old. You must know your rights and advocate for yourself and others. You must live in a designated region and be a member of a local Community Living association. You must then be elected to represent your region and aim to improve the lives of others.

Once you’ve been elected, you’ll have a few responsibilities:

  • You’ll provide information on policies and issues that affect people who have an intellectual disability to Community Living Ontario’s Board of Directors.
  • You’ll make sure that we actively involve Council members in decisions that affect their lives.
  • You’ll set up work groups that look at specific rights, needs and interests of people with an intellectual disability.
  • You’ll encourage us to have Council members actively participate during meetings with the government and other groups.
  • You’ll also prepare reports for the Board of Directors and the membership.

Each provincial region hosts meetings in the spring. You are welcome to attend these meetings and, if you wish, be nominated as the regional representative. Usually, there is time to introduce yourself and give a brief speech. Other members at the meeting will vote on the person who will join Council and represent them for the next two years.

To contact a Council member, please send an email to Keith Dee asking whom the email should be directed to.

For information about the next regional meeting in your area, contact the Executive Director of your local Community Living association.

For everything else, please contact:

Council of Community Living Ontario
Attention: Keith Dee
1 Valleybrook Drive, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2S7

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