Yvonne Spicer

Council Appointed Director at Large

Yvonne Spicer is a self-advocate living with a disability. She lives in London, Ontario. Yvonne has been a valuable member of Community Living North Halton.  Yvonne is an individual who brings advocacy and a strong passion for the sector and would represent families and the self-advocates on the board in a positive way.

Yvonne is currently pursuing the Early Childhood Educator program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario with the goal of becoming a full-time Child-Care Worker at a daycare centre in London. She is interested in continuing to learn following the completion of this course to continue to broaden her knowledge and expand her advocacy work.

Her passions lie in working to ensure all people belong, have equal rights, and have a sense of self-worth by having opportunities to grow. Working with a wide variety of members and supporters with diverse opinions and views on issues that impact people and their families has been pivotal for her.

Yvonne’s experience and skills are through advocating for persons with disabilities to the Ministry of Community and Social Services of the needs and issues people are facing in their daily life living with a disability.  She was instrumental in starting a self-advocacy committee within Community Living North Halton in 2007, has been a valuable member of the Voice Committee and has presented to various organizations, at conferences, and to self-advocate groups.

Yvonne has a diverse range of experience and skills, including:

  • Being an active voice for the Community Living Ontario Council over a period of 9 years including holding the roles of Chair, Acting Secretary and Vice-Chair
  • Serving on several committees for Community Living Ontario
  • Serving on the Milton Accessibility Advisory Committee for 4 years
  • Sitting on the Board of Directors with Community Living North Halton as a self-advocate
  • Board governance training and advocacy
  • An understanding of the waitlist issues in Ontario

The experience she has gained has given her considerable exposure and insight into the work being done in the Community Living movement and the need for the continued effort and advocacy not only provide a more inclusive community but to provide an environment where people have access to supports that they need to live a good life in the community.