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The power of youth to lead change in their communities is more obvious today than ever. Community Living Ontario has been supporting youth activism for over a decade through Re:Action4Inclusion. This youth-led movement challenges the negative perceptions and assumptions that impact the lives of people who have an intellectual disability every day. By raising awareness of these barriers, youth in the movement are changing attitudes about what is possible for people.

The Re:Action4Inclusion summit creates a space for young change makers who do not have an intellectual disability, to begin to recognize the contributions and leader ship of their peers who do have a disability. In contrast, they also begin to understand the injustice that their peers are facing because of their disability. The summit is a significant opportunity for youth to see themselves in each other and to join together to raise their voice to address discrimination.

Re:Action4Inclusion empowers youth with and without an intellectual disability to lead the change in their communities. Since its inception, Community Living Ontario has been focused on creating space for self-advocacy. Initiatives like Re:Action4Inclusion continue this legacy by amplifying the voices of young people. Your donation ensures that every community can continue to learn from those who may not otherwise be heard. Hear how Re:Action4Inclusion has impact youth in Ontario in the video below.

Community Living Ontario also financially supports several Change Projects every year. These projects, led by youth both with and without disabilities, raise awareness about issues facing people who have an intellectual disability and increase inclusion for all. Change Projects would not be possible without the support of our donors, who are equally as keen to see meaningful change for people who have an intellectual disability in their communities.

Community Living Ontario understands that our vision of a more inclusive society for people who have an intellectual disability would not be possible without out youth champions. Educational opportunities like the Re:Action4Inclusion annual leadership summit and the Change Projects are just two examples of the youth-led activism that Community Living Ontario supports. Young people have the capacity and motivation to change the future for people who have an intellectual disability. Now more than ever, our youth work is essential to help drive inclusion even in a virtual capacity. Virtual connections will help us to reach even more youth across the province and create more opportunities for positive change.

Thanks to your generous support, we can make sure that these young activists have the tools and resources they need to continue this much-needed work.

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