Owen Sound building a community that rocks

Now that the nicer weather is upon us, Community Living Owen Sound and District would like to invite you to participate in their initiative involving Kindness Rocks. Kindness Rocks are stones painted with pictures, designs and positive sayings to hide for others to find around the community.

The goal of kindness rocks is to brighten someone’s day with a beautiful picture or saying.  By including #inclusionrocks on the rocks and/or on social media posts of the rocks, they hope to spread the message of the importance of inclusion. The aim is to have these rocks throughout the community and to encourage people to reflect on what it means to be included when they create or find these colourful rocks and read their positive messages. If you would like to participate, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Decorate your rock with paint or permanent markers – don’t glue anything to a rock that may become litter or eaten by an animal (ie. Feathers, glitter, tape, googly eyes)
  2. Let everyone know to share their rock find by using #inclusionrocks and/or by writing or gluing a note on the bottom of the rock. Here is a sample of what this could look like: “Congratulations, you found me! Keep me or hide me again but first take a picture and share it on Instagram. Tag @communitylivingosd with #inclusionrocks and share your inclusion story.”
  3. You can coat your rock with a sealant spray to protect it from the elements.
  4. Hide your rock in your yard, or in the community for others to find!

Story submitted by Community Living Owen Sound and District