Issham - Community Living Ontario - Anne Stafford Bursary Recipient

Issham’s Story: Designing His Future

Community Living Ontario and over 300 recipients want to thank you for your contributions to the Anne Stafford Light Up the Future bursary.

Alongside Anne herself, Community Living Ontario started the bursary in 1993, on the occasion of her retirement. Ever since, it has supported people who have an intellectual disability to pursue professional development opportunities through educational programs and personal interest courses.

Since its inception, more than 300 people have accessed the bursary, which has been supported by donors like you and member organizations through fundraising efforts at Community Living Ontario’s annual conference.

Your generosity helps to keep Anne’s vision alive, along with the hopes and dreams of young people who have an intellectual disability, like Issham Mujib. Through Community Living Ontario’s Student Links initiative, Issham was matched with Jodi, a freelance animator in Toronto who mentored him.

Possessing a passion for video editing, Issham creates his own stories from the content of movies and posts them on his YouTube channel.

“He takes snippets of movies and edits things to fit a new storyline that he comes up with,” explained his sister, Mona.

This innovative and resourceful way of telling his stories through re-editing animations made a huge impression on Jodi.

“Issham’s problem solving skills and the way he figured out how to make his movies was so impressive,” he recalled. “He is so passionate about his story and his craft. You can’t put passion into people, but he’s got that and it is kind of rare.”

As a result of his interest in editing, as well as his time with his mentor, Issham was very keen to learn how to use professional editing tools to make his movies more complete.

“I wanted to learn to use After Effects and Photoshop,” he said.

He applied for the Anne Stafford Light Up the Future bursary so that he could take an animation course at Humber College. Taking the class was a huge success for Issham. It also inspired his family to envision what the future could hold for him.

“All throughout his life he had been in a special class or special school,” Mona described. “This was his first inclusive experience because in college everyone was together. That was a big thing for us. It gave us hope for the future.”

Now, Issham wants to take more courses at Humber and take the next steps towards his future!

Thanks to YOU, the Light Up the Future bursary ignited a passion and future for Issham

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