Hélène Morin-Chain

Past President

Hélène Morin-Chain was born in Montreal and taught English there, then French in High Schools in Sudbury, and North Bay where she also taught young people with special needs. Almost 35 years ago when her fourth son was born with Down Syndrome, she got involved with Community Living and was a founding member of  the Nipissing Down Syndrome Society.  She has been involved in Community Living at the local level ever since, at the provincial level for over 10 years, and with the Canadian Association for three years. On these Boards, she has always been and continues to be a defender of the rights of all children to an inclusive education and the rights of Francophones.

It was a battle with the school board to have her son included where the other boys went; not only included in the school, but in regular classes wherever possible. She has been involved with the SEACs (Special Education Advisory Committees) in her community since their beginning, working at convincing people that all persons deserve to participate equally in society, and everyone has gifts and talent to contribute to society. This is an ongoing struggle that we must continue fighting for: not only inclusion in the schools, but in the workforce and in all aspects of society. She firmly believes that we must all become educators of the public in the communities we live in.