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Love your life to death coverYvonne Heath is an inspirational speaker and makes periodic contributions to Community Living Ontario’s newsletter, Update Friday. Her message often relates to grief and loss, and how we can overcome them in the different aspects of our lives. Yvonne is also a published author.

Love Your Life to Death is a must-have resource for those who wish to be empowered and resilient in life, grief and end of life. Through heartfelt stories shared and Yvonne’s 27-year nursing career, you will gain from insightful experiences as a community member or professional. You will learn how to Just Show Up, for yourself and others, no matter what life throws at you!

Yvonne is passionate about supporting caring organizations and is donating 25% of book sale proceeds to Community Living Ontario. Discounts apply when ordering multiple copies for your team, loved ones or for re-sale.

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To learn more about Yvonne, email at info@loveyourlifetodeath.com.