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The Council of Community Living Ontario consists of 12 self-advocates from across the province that come together to make a difference in the lives of people who have an intellectual disability by making sure their voices are heard. They work together with Community Living Ontario’s Board of Directors to find solutions and share information, opinions, knowledge, and experience on important issues such as poverty, safe and affordable housing, human rights, and barriers to quality health care.

2017-18 Council Photo

The Council members are elected at Community Living Ontario’s conference and consist of at least one representative from each of the following geographical areas: North East, North West, South East, South West, and Central. If you are interested in learning more about Council, contact Meaghan Mitchell, Council Engagement Coordinator at or 519 362-1633 or the Chair of the Council, James Taylor, at


Council Profiles

James Taylor has been on Council for four years and has been Chair of the Council of Community Living Ontario for three years. He is also the Chair of New Vision Advocates, a self-advocate group in his hometown of London. James is active in the community, giving presentations to groups and schools, such as Fanshawe College, on how to advance equal citizenship, acceptance, and belonging.

James works full-time as a receptionist at Community Living London and enjoys playing sports in the Special Olympics.

Brad Campbell lives in Simcoe and has been heavily involved in the disability community for some time. In addition to serving on Council since 2015, he’s been on his local Community Living association’s Board of Directors for 10 years, has extensive experience in human rights training, and has been an active member of the self-advocate group in his community, Voices Unlimited, for 17 years.

He prides himself in starting his own business and enjoys sports, movies, and music.

Nicky Jones is Council’s Secretary, lives in Port Perry, and has been a member since 2013. Nicky gets great satisfaction from advocating for the rights of people who have an intellectual disability. Nicky is a member of Community Living Durham North’s self-advocate group, the ‘A-Team,’ and is also a member of the organization’s Board of Directors. Nicky works as a cleaner and helps run a coffee kiosk at her agency.

On her own time, she enjoys taking bus trips and watching the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Stella Curtis is Council’s Co-Chair, lives in North Bay, and has been a member of the Council for seven years.

She enjoys being with friends, being active in her community and helping others. Stella also likes to watch hockey, football and baseball.

Theresa Somerton, a Belleville resident, joined Council in 2017. She is passionate about breaking down barriers related to disability and making sure the voices of self-advocates across the province are heard.

Theresa’s hobbies include dancing, listening to country music, and crafts.

Raina Flexhaug is from Pembroke. As a Council member Raina is passionate about advocating for inclusion, despite limitations. She sits on a self-advocate committee for her association, which promotes inclusion, being goal-oriented, and being an active member of the community.

She enjoys dancing, cooking and baking, art, and being a successful business woman.

Ashley Stekel is a member of Community Living Durham North’s self-advocate group, the ‘A-Team’ and feels strongly about equality and inclusion. She has been a part of Council since 2016.

Ashley also works as a lunch monitor at Port Perry’s S.A. Cawker Public School.

Jackie Watts is a Community Living York South member and has been on Council for eight years. Currently she acts as the Council’s Tresurer. She advocates for many important causes, but she’s most passionate about those related to affordable public transit and ODSP. Outside of her Council duties, Jackie works at her local Tim Horton’s restaurant, and enjoys playing with her cat, needlepoint embroidery, and reading.

Jordan Pretchuk, from Thunder Bay, appreciates how Community Living Ontario advocates for people who have an intellectual disability. As he says, “They help us integrate into the community, where we are living and participating in life.” Jordan works at Thunder Bay City Hall, organizing the mail and scanning documents into the city’s archives.

Jordan works at Thunder Bay City Hall, organizing the mail and scanning documents into the city’s archives. This snappy dresser appreciates a good t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, and enjoys going out on trips whenever possible.

Claude Sauvé has been a member of Council for the last eight years. Claude appreciates being part of a group of people that share his vision and beliefs. He’s dedicated to fighting for people’s rights and is an active member of his self-advocacy group in Alexandria. Claude is also the Chair of the Freedom from Harm committee which is a sub-committee of the Council.

Mark Anderson is a strong advocate for people with developmental disabilities living in London, and has served on Council for two years. He’s been a member of New Vision Advocates for the past decade, currently serving as the secretary of its Executive Board. Mark is also active in giving presentations to college students, community groups, and staff of Community Living London.

Brant Mawdsley is from Orillia and he has been a member of Simcoe Community Services for 3 years. He was elected to Council in 2016 and has been fighting for the rights and freedoms of people who have an intellectual disability ever since.

Brant prides himself in dressing well and is passionate about educating other self-advocates on being assertive and standing up for yourself.

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