Community Living Ontario Welcomes Its New Youth Advisors

Community Living Ontario is excited to introduce you to the members of the 2020-21 youth advisory council.  The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a provincial body of youth from across the province that informs the work of Community Living Ontario. This committed team provides recommendations and informs Community Living Ontario about the experience of youth across the province. The council is led by youth with and without a disability and works to increase opportunities that support young community builders to break down barriers to inclusion.


New Members

This year’s dedicated members are Abbie, Morgan, Jesse, Cameron, Johanna, Eva, Olivia and Duncan. This incredible group is invested in collaborative leadership to drive change and impact. The YAC will be utilizing their leadership to support the work of Community Living Ontario’s youth engagement initiatives. Some of the members of the council shared their vision, and passion for this movement:


Morgan (Council Secretary):

I am on the YAC and passionate about the work we do because of my brother. He’s a huge part of my life and I want to make sure he leads the best life he can. That means I need to make the world as inclusive and accepting as possible. The YAC makes a direct impact on our communities and works hard to spread awareness and education around genuine inclusion that will affect so many lives. We are a passionate and talented group of young leaders that will make a real difference.”


Abbie (Council Chair):

I joined the YAC since I always had a passion for inclusion in communities. The council has supported me to use the tool of leadership provincially to make meaningful contributions. I have worked with communities and families who have children who have a disability and I understand their experiences. Therefore, I want to use my voice to elevate the voices of those who do not have one.”


Upcoming Initiatives

Launching in September, youth across Ontario will be sparking a national conversation on Canadian identity through the Ontario Youth United project. The intention of the project is to bring young people who have an intellectual disability to important conversations that can strengthen their attachment to our communities and to Canada. Young people will be showcasing their contributions to Canadian arts and culture, civics, heritage and the economy as part of this work. The youth-led project will be led by the Youth Advisory Council and those they recruit across the province. As part of the project, young people and community organizations can join in to lead Community Change Projects, access our Master Class and attend our virtual events. Stay tuned for more information coming out in September!

In addition, the YAC is also focused on raising awareness about inclusive education and access to employment opportunities for youth. Coming soon, the YAC will be launching a social media campaign that will promote the ways we can build communities within our schools and classrooms.

The spirit of collaboration continues as this year’s youth advisory council spearheads a robust agenda for 2020-21. Now is the time to join in on this work and bring the momentum of youth leadership to your community!

To hear from more members of the Youth Advisory Council click here.

For more information and how to get involved, contact Palki (Project coordinator, Ontario Youth United) at pahmad@communitylivingontario.ca