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Cheryl plays important role in new theatre production with important message

Grey County community theatre company Sheatre is reminding audiences in the Wiarton area that Ye Cannae Throw Your Granny off a Bus in its new production on elder abuse.

The show, which is based on a popular Scottish folk song, premiered on November 14th at the Propeller Club in Wiarton. It centres on challenges facing elderly people and those who care about them.

Social change is Sheatre’s mandate, and the group was motivated to produce a play on this topic when the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre in Southampton brought the idea forward.

“They believe in the power of theatre and the arts to change lives and build a compassionate and healthy society,” said Christi Ronholm, Community Development Coordinator and Manager of Community Participation for Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living.

Funding was secured from New Horizons for Seniors to make the play a reality. Ronholm heard about the production soon after and wanted her organization to be involved.

Roughly 20% of the people supported by Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living are seniors, making this an ideal project for the organization.

Around 50 people attended the first performance, a number which Ronholm was quite pleased with.

“It was a very integrated event,” she explained. “There were a lot of people from the community there, including a lot of people supported by Community Living.”

Cheryl Craig, who is supported by the organization, plays a character named Micky in the show.

In the show, “I get really mad at my sister, because she tried to put me in my bedroom, and locked me [in],” she explained.

“I said my own words, and I get mad, and I said back to her ‘I will escape from my bedroom,’ and after that, I stomp my feet because I’m mad.”

It’s the first time Cheryl has acted, though she’s excited to keep at it.

She described some of her own challenges with experiencing abuse as a senior, saying “I’m on my own now, and happy.”

Further shows are planned for November and December in Owen Sound and Wiarton. People interested in attending a future performance should contact Nancy White at (519) 797-5490.

Daniel Share-Strom, Community Living Ontario