Betty Stone

Director at Large

A retired teacher with over 40 years of involvement with vulnerable persons, Betty’s personal experiences with relevant associations, agencies, and councils on their Board of Directors encompass positions on not-for-profit boards associated with both the Ministries of Children, Community and Social Services and Health. The above-cited organizations had jurisdictional responsibilities at the community, municipal, regional, provincial and national levels. In 2011-2013, Betty served a two-year term on the Board of Directors for Community Living Ontario with a primary geographic focus in respect of Northeastern Ontario before moving to Director-at-Large due to changes in relevant by-laws at the Community Living Ontario AGM of 2013.

Over past years, Betty has served on a number of Community Living Ontario committees with a specific interest in both governance and advocacy. In 2017, Betty was recruited and subsequently appointed to the North East LHIN Board on March 1st by the Province because of her expertise. She has subsequently been able to bring a greater understanding to not only the northeast lands but help service providers as to the challenges faced by our citizens in accessing health services in an equitable manner and with the achievement of optimal outcomes. It should be expected this advocacy will ultimately result in both enhanced inclusion and integration of service delivery.