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An inclusive prom

Last April, Natasha, Linda and Katelynn, three young ladies supported by Community Living Mississauga, received invitations to attend their high school’s prom…as did all the other students in their school.

The excitement began and the search was on for prom attire! Along with some family members, the three young ladies set out to The Prom Boutique to find their dream prom outfits. They were not disappointed. Katelynn selected a fashionable tuxedo, Natasha decided on a stylish black mid-length dress and Linda opted for an elegant blue strapless dress. Everyone looked great and enjoyed a fantastic shopping trip!

To celebrate this significant milestone in their lives, Natasha, Linda and Katelynn’s support workers planned a pre-prom party to kick off the night. The party included decorations, snack, beverages and a fabulous photo shoot. With the time drawing near to the start of the big event, the three ladies climbed into the limo and headed off to the prom.

Upon arrival, Natasha, Linda and Katelynn joined in with their friends and teachers to celebrate with the rest of their class. The evening included an awards presentation, a five-course dinner, and a dance. They spent the evening enjoying, listening and dancing to music. Throughout the night, they made sure to capture their memories at the photo booth.

Why was this evening so significant in the lives of Natasha, Linda and Katelynn who have an intellectual disability?  It is because the ladies were included and had the opportunity to celebrate their prom just like every other student in their school.

It is examples like this that remind us just how important it is to live in an inclusive community.

Story submitted by Community Living Mississauga