Action required: Help the Truchon Gladu Decision get appealed

Action required!

The deadline to appeal the Truchon Gladu decision is Friday, October 18. For years, Community Living Ontario advocated that medical assistance in dying should strictly be reserved for those who are actually dying. Together we have worked to ensure proper safeguards were in place to protect people and their rights. Our voices need to be heard on the ground with local candidates. We need your help with tweets and re-tweets tagging leaders but also candidates in your areas, particularly specific ones.

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Medical assistance in dying should be strictly reserved for those who are actually dying. Please @JustinTrudeau appeal the #Truchon #Gladu decision, the deadline to do so is Oct. 18! #cndpoli #elxn43 http://bit.ly/2OiEuaK

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In response to Susan Delacourt (@SusanDelacourt) and Chantal Hébert (@ChantalHbert) who both tweeted the Trudeau response to the MAiD question.


Rewriting assisted death legislation & not appealing QC court decision striking it as too restrictive fails to respect the interests of society, effectively limiting Parliament’s capacity to pursue social targets such as substantive equality and inclusion. #MAiD #cdnpoli #exln43


The Quebec court decision on medical assistance in dying will entrench stereotypes and exacerbate stigma for Canadians with disabilities, contributing to the adversity and oppression experienced by this vulnerable group. #MAiD #cdnpoli #exln43


Without the end-of-life criterion in place, Canada’s medical assistance in dying legislation will further violate article 10 of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). #MAiD #cdnpoli #exln43

Safeguards in #MAiD exist to protect all Canadians. Refusing to appeal the Truchon Gladu ruling in #QC puts #vulnerable and #stigmatized populations at risk throughout Canada. #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #elxn43
10/04 Alan Nichols’ death clearly illustrates the importance of #MAiD safeguards. Without them, individuals with a #disability and vulnerable populations are at risk. https://bit.ly/2mRTIrn #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #elxn43
10/05 “They were ready to help me commit suicide and not provide assistance for me to live. It’s not a real choice.” – Jonathan Marchand. The Truchon Gladu ruling must be appealed. https://bit.ly/2pojAwk #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #elxn43
10/06 “We can ensure your child doesn’t wake up from this surgery.”

@kristacarrnb shares about discrimination and devaluation in the healthcare system. Safeguards matter. The Truchon Gladu ruling must be appealed. https://bit.ly/2mRTIrn #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #elxn43

10/07 Tonight’s #leadersdebate will feature questions about polarization and human rights. If the Truchon Gladu ruling is not appealed, the human rights of Canadians with #disabilities are under threat. #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #exln43
10/08 Tweet in response to last night’s debate.
10/09 Sean Tagert chose #MAiD because he couldn’t secure funding for the 24hr care he needed to live at home and raise his son. Removing #MAiD safeguards enables barriers to #disability. https://bit.ly/2Zm6H20 #AppealtoEquality #cdnpoli #elxn43
10/11 Tweet in response to last night’s debate.

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