Strategic Partnership Program

Community Living Ontario recognizes and welcomes like-minded strategic partners with similar visions and values to provide additional opportunities and services to our membership. 

Over the last few months, we have been developing an Affinity Program whereby Strategic Partners are able to offer comprehensive and exclusive benefits to our membership.

The Strategic Partnership Program provides your company with direct access to Community Living Ontario’s membership along with numerous promotional opportunities.  There are a few highlights listed here, but to see the full package of benefits and cost information, download here.


We are currently seeking strategic partnerships in the following categories:


Home & Auto Insurance
Sold Out
Corporate & Director’s Insurance
Sold Out
Accounting Services IT – Person-Centred Case Management & Outcome Solutions Software
Sold Out
Junk Removal IT – Employee Management Software Solution
Sold Out
Commercial Real Estate Accreditation
Car Rentals Accessible Vehicles
Promotional Supplies Printing
Training Health Benefits
Sold Out
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Supplies for Personal Needs
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If you’re interested in becoming a Strategic Partner, please fill out the following application and we will get back to you shortly. 

Fill Out The Form Online

Download The Form

Current Strategic Partners

Commercial & Director’s Insurance – Sharon Kovacic Insurance Agency


Health Benefits – Community Services Benefits Trust

Home & Auto Insurance – McDougall Insurance

Supplies For Personal Needs –MedProDirect

Person-Centred Case Management & Outcomes Software Solution – NucleusLabs Information Technologies (Canada) Ltd.

Employee Management Software Solution – ComVida Corporation