65th AGM and Conference

Community Living Ontario / 65th AGM and Conference

2018 CLO Conference Promo

Not long ago, it was commonplace in rural Ontario to have members of the community come together to help build a family’s barn. It took not only many hands to accomplish the seemingly monumental task, but also people with different tools and abilities.

People who have an intellectual disability, families and community agencies are connecting like never before and taking active roles in meaningful community-building projects, with the purpose of creating a society where everyone belongs.

It’s in the spirit of community collaboration that Community Living Ontario invites YOU to be a part of The Barn Raising: Coming Together to Achieve Community Goals, proudly presented by Community Services Benefits Trust. We look forward to connecting with friends and allies of the Community Living movement from September 12th to the 14th at the Sheraton Parkway in Richmond Hill.

Let’s actively and effectively engage with our communities to address unmet needs, challenge the status quo, and build on integrated approaches that benefit all of us.

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This year’s keynote speaker is Doug Griffiths

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On his business card it says that Doug is currently President and CEO of the company he founded, 13 Ways, Inc. His resume will say he has three degrees, including an MBA. It will also say that Doug have served in some pretty significant leadership roles in government and that he wrote a national bestselling book, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.

What we have achieved isn’t nearly as interesting as why we have achieved it. The juicy bits of our stories are always in the why, not the what.

Doug’s ‘why’ is simple enough. Everything he does is for the sake of building stronger communities. He believes communities are the foundation on which we build stronger families, stronger businesses, and stronger nations. Build strong communities, and success will follow.

Doug helps communities identify what is holding them back from finding success, and then he helps them overcome it. When they aren’t looking he inspires, and often shocks them, with a presentation showing how they are destroying their own chance at success. Then he helps build them back up and get them on a better path.

Yes, it sounds like therapy. It is. It is community therapy, which is why Doug is often called a community therapist. And the great thing is that it works. We are always trying to win the race, but much of the time our failure is caused by shooting ourselves in the foot. We have to change that if we are going to succeed.

Doug’s talents include: seeing through the lies we tell ourselves, overcoming bad attitudes, targeted and focused tactical planning, communicating with those who are afraid of change, and building enduring prosperity for my client communities.

He loves what he does because Doug believe it is the most important job on earth.