2020-2021 Together We’re Better Winners

In celebration of National Inclusive Education Month, Community Living Ontario invited elementary school aged children (ages 4-14) from across Ontario to participate in a contest that promotes and raises awareness about inclusive education.  The intent was to have students and classes to begin thinking about inclusion and start a conversation about how a diverse classroom offers better educational experience for all students. We received many submissions from students across Ontario.  Community Living Ontario really appreciates and would love to acknowledge all the students, teachers and classes that took the time out to participate in the contest.

After going through each and every video, story and poem, which were all great in their own way, Community Living Ontario is proud to announce the 2020/2021 Together, We’re Better Contest winners!

Class Winners

1st Place: Deanne Osborne’s Grade 3/4 Virtual Class
St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Elementary Virtual School
Teaching from: St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School with French Immersion

2nd Place: Kristy Tait-Angel and Daphne Deveau’s Kindergarten class
St. Francis de Sales Catholic School

Individual Winners

1st Place: Carson Guldie – Grade 3
WECDSB Elementary Virtual School

2nd Place: Ahil Thirumaran – Grade 5
Sir Isaac Brock Public School

My Online Grade 5 Journey

My first day of online learning of grade 5
I saw a new classmate. I thought I could help him out.
He was shy.  I thought I could make a new friend.
As it was fun learning new things together.
In dance, we danced together.
We have lots in common.  We always have a great time together.
He especially likes it when I bring my basketball.
Everybody knows that his smile brings the class together.
And a friendly smile always cares.
Everyone learns in their own unique way.
With my friend it is not even a bore.
The same life together.
And we will always be together.

3rd Place: Lane Heatlie – Grade 8
Macaulay PS

Honourable Mentions

Honourable mention goes to the following classes for their participation and commitment to inclusive education in their classrooms.

Robin Allison’s Grade 8 Class

Mlle Di Gesu’s Grade 3 Virtual Class
St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Elementary Virtual School