Black History Month Resources

Black history month is a time when we can all be more intentional about learning the history and contributions of Black people in Canada. It is also a great time to support Black artists, businesses and organizations. 

To get you started, we have listed a few resources below:

Black History Month Webinar

To celebrate Black History Month, we hosted Black is a Colour, an educational workshop focused on the Black experience in Canada.

Ontario Black History Society

Founded in 1978, the Ontario Black History Society (OBHS), is at the forefront of the celebration of Black history and heritage in Canada, with a demonstrated record in the study, preservation and promotion of Black history in Ontario. The OBHS is also the only Ontario Provincial Heritage Organization of the Ministry of Culture devoted to Black history and heritage.

In Canada, disability researcher says 'racism is very polite'

A great interview with a Canadian researcher on disability and the intersection of race/racism:

A whitewashing of history: Canadian town tried to bury its founding by Black pioneers

Learn about the history of Princeville, Ontario – a former Black community that was covered up (similar to Africville in Nova Scotia and other Black communities across Canada). This website also has a lot of great history about Black folks in other parts of Ontario:

Books about Canada by Black Authors

Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present—Robyn Maynard

Black Life: Post-BLM and the Struggle for Freedom—Rinaldo Walcott and Idil Abdillhi

The Hanging of Angelique: Canada, Slavery and the Burning of Montreal—Afua Cooper

The Skin We're In: A year of Black Resistance and Power—Desmond Cole

Black owned bookstores to support

Knowledge Bookstore


Sankofa Bookstore

A Different Booklist