Disabled Little Boy and Brother

Supporting family

Families are an integral part of the support people who have an intellectual disability need to have good lives. Community Living Ontario supports family members of people who have an intellectual disability to have the information they need to make good decisions. Family members are able, now more than ever, to have access to a wide range of information from other families, research, and government.

Members of People of First Ontario (PFO) promote equality, help people to speak up for themselves and make their own decisions.

Family members have united in Ontario to create the Family Alliance. They offer their collective knowledge and experience to help other families. They also provide opportunities to connect with one another and create support networks. Besides working with families and people who an have intellectual disability, Family Alliance conducts and gathers research on the issues facing these families.

The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario (IFCO) consists of family members, people who have an intellectual disability and members of the community. They work to promote ways for people to have control over the funding used to pay for the supports and services needed by people.

Special Services at Home (SSAH) is an Ontario government program that provides funding to families caring for a child who has a disability. People who have an intellectual disability, families, organizations and non-profit organizations have combined their efforts to create the Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition. The coalition ensures that families in Ontario receive the support they need from the SSAH program. They also advocate for any changes to the SSAH program to ensure every family’s needs are met.

If you are a parent, educator or concerned citizen that believes strongly in inclusion, improved attitudes, and laws that promote inclusion in education and the community, the Integrated Action Group for Inclusive Education and Community is for you. Besides advocating for these ideals, this group also offers educational workshops for families across Ontario.