Basic human rights are often taken for granted. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that:

  • All children are nurtured within the family and, because of this, enjoy the benefits of family life;
  • All children go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools where they grow and learn together;
  • All people live with a sense of security and freedom from harm;
  • All people have access to adequate income, quality health care and supports that respect the official languages of Canada, First Nations languages and other languages and cultures;
  • All people have the opportunity and freedom to contribute to, and participate in, their communities through political and religious expression, voluntarism, leisure activities and in other ways;
  • All people can aspire to and have typical expectations of worthwhile career options, real work for real pay and fair recognition of accomplishment;
  • All people have access in adulthood to decent and appropriate homes which they are able to call their own; and
  • All people can retire to enjoy the lifestyle and activities of their own choosing.