Why hire someone with a disability?

Hiring people who have an intellectual disability is good for business.

More than ever, employers are discovering that hiring people who have an intellectual disability makes good business sense.

Studies show that employees who have a disability are five times more likely to stay on the job than other workers. In addition, 97% of employees who have an intellectual disability rate average or above average in terms of safety on the job, and they add value by bringing a fresh perspective to the workplace.

Ontario employers can meet their labour requirements and have a workforce that is reflective of their customers and community by building more rich, inclusive and accommodating workplaces that use the skills and talents of a diverse population.

For employers, hiring people who have an intellectual disability is more than doing the right thing. It can also be a necessary ingredient for a company’s viability and success in a competitive marketplace.

There are resources to help. Community Living Ontario works with local agencies across the province that specialize in matching people who have a disability to the job opportunity, as well as employment support staff that assists employers with on-the-job training and workplace modifications.

Employers have much to gain by hiring qualified and skilled people who have an intellectual disability.

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