Connect with other families, organizations and school boards

School Boards

Ontario School Board Contact Finder – A complete list of contact details for your local school board in Ontario. This website is useful for families who need to contact school boards in advocating for inclusive education. If you are having difficulty advocating with your local school, try calling your trustee or superintendent by connecting with your local board.


Ontario Family Alliance – The Ontario Family Alliance website strives to inform and engage with people who want individuals with a disability to have lives rich with valued relationships, and opportunities for inclusion in their schools and communities, participating and contributing alongside their peers.

People for Education – The People for Education website offers training sessions, information on what the research tells us about education, discussion forums, lists of available events and workshops, tip sheets and a parent support line to call with questions. This is a general education website but inclusive education issues are common.

Integration Action Group for Inclusive Education and Community – Integration Action for Inclusion is an Ontario based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to educational inclusion and community living for people who need extra support. The group provides assistance to parents and friends seeking to enrich the lives of their children.

Parents Helping Parents – Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is an American parent support organization for families with children who have a disability. PHP’s mantra is you are never alone as a parent of a child who has a disability. They aim to connect families so that they can support one another through a variety of means.

Facebook groups and pages

Parents for Inclusive Education Facebook Page – Parents for Inclusive Education is a New York-based parent advocacy group. Their Facebook page is a great place to connect with other parents, to share ideas and to learn new things about inclusive education.

Alliance for Inclusive Education Facebook Page – The largest inclusive education group on Facebook. A great place to connect and learn about inclusive education.